Assessment For Information Risks

Assessment for Information Risks
Data Mapping Insights for Privacy & Litigation Readiness in 45 Days

Your company’s e-discovery exposure, data privacy, information security and regulatory compliance are directly related to how effectively your company manages its information.

Corporate reputation, fines, penalties and litigation hinge on how records and information are identified, retained and ultimately deleted. Companies must develop a comprehensive data inventory and supporting data maps to accurately identify risks and meet critical compliance obligations.

We can help!  We are the experts at developing comprehensive data maps and uncovering information risks without disrupting your business.

Our renowned Assessment for Information Risks® service leverages our world-class standards and question sets, a powerful service delivery model and an experienced support team to help you rapidly identify risks and address your most critical areas of concern.

In just 45 days, and with no business disruption or limit in scope, we provide insights into over 100 crucial information compliance and control issues. All record types and applications used across your organization are deeply profiled and benchmarked against our industry best practices to identify regulatory gaps and vulnerabilities.

With the data from the Assessment, executives know exactly how information is managed, where it exists and potential threats. Your exposure to data breaches, unmerited legal settlements and a host of other real-world problems can be dramatically reduced or prevented.

The Assessment delivers predictable, highly actionable reports and data maps to address your most critical areas of information governance and compliance.

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Discovery Data Maps

Gain insights into information risks and be ready to take action. Our discovery data maps are comprehensive so you can meet your litigation and FRCP requirements.

Requirements & Next Steps

Our renowned executive highlights presentation identifies information requirements, current risks, benchmarks your practices and provides recommendations for next steps.

Defensible Deletion

Our data minimization reports identify where records are over-retained compared to best practices. Develop informed and actionable deletion strategies for email, paper and unstructured data.

Privacy Data Maps

Identify where sensitive customer, employee and corporate data exists across the organization, how it’s moving and where it’s at risk.

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