Records Management That Works

Records management is a serious issue. For nearly three decades, Jordan Lawrence has worked with thousands of clients across the world with this singular focus. We are experts in records management.

We have the best practice standards and operating processes to help our clients meet their obligations. So they know what records they have, what media they are on, how they are moving inside and outside the company, current retention and deletion practices, and their association with dozens of privacy and sensitivity elements.

Our clients can meet their obligations, defensibly delete the vast majority of legacy records and operate better day-to-day and respond confidently when investigations, audits and litigation shine a spotlight on their enforcement of their records programs.

Jordan Lawrence offers three services. We help our clients assess their underlying risks, set defensible retention rules and deletion processes, and we help them establish and then enforce records programs that really work.

Simply put, we ensure our clients avoid a lot of serious problems, meet legal obligations and save significant amounts of money.

We are specialists. Contact us to learn more.

Our Services. 45 Days. Fixed Fee. Unbelievable Impact.
Assessment for Records Risks
Objective Information for Critical Decisions
  • Discovery Preparedness
  • Retention Variances
  • Over-Retention
  • Email/Unstructured Content
  • Policy Risks
Records Analytics for Privacy
Datamaps & Insights for Professionals
  • Unauthorized Storage
  • Dangerous Movement
  • Media Usage
  • Email Storage Risks
  • Personal Data Inventory
Records Management Standards
Knowledge Processes & Technology that Works
  • Retention Best Practices
  • Policy Standards
  • Enforcement Notices
  • Defensible Deletion
  • Preservation Notices