Jordan Lawrence is the world’s premier risk assessment company, providing rapid, cost effective services to companies of all sizes across the globe for nearly thirty years. Our services enable companies to assess, analyze and solve serious information governance, cybersecurity and data privacy problems. These problems concern senior executives and directors at both a corporate and personal liability level. Our services allow companies to address the risks that insurance does not cover and regulators closely monitor.

We specialize in addressing the most crucial cybersecurity, information privacy and e-discovery risks by providing the
following services:

Leveraging advice of leading industry experts and advisors, a proven technology service delivery model, and experienced professional services staff, Jordan Lawrence offers unmatched value. We replace error-prone, costly consulting with tightly structured specialty processes that ensure fixed pricing and predictable results. Our projects, completed in a matter of weeks, reach deeper, gather information more accurately, collect more data points and analyze it all better than any viable alternative. Our deliverables are well-defined, objective and comprehensible.

For executives seeking a better way to mitigate risks and protect legal and financial interests, Jordan Lawrence is the solution. Prevent problems by addressing your company’s risks today with the objective, specialized services provided by Jordan Lawrence.

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