We enable clients around the world to analyze and solve serious information governance, cybersecurity and data privacy problems. These issues are “top of mind” for senior executives and directors at both a corporate and personal liability level.

Our services leverage world-class service delivery processes and industry-specific best practices. Every project is done in a matter of weeks, at a fraction of the cost of any viable alternative and provides unprecedented levels of accuracy and objective insights. The objective of every service is to reduce legal and financial risks in the most valuable and defensible manner possible.

  • VENDOR RISK ASSESSMENTS that enable clients to identify and mitigate the risks associated with all third-party vendors.
  • INTERNAL CYBERSECURITY & PRIVACY RISK ASSESSMENTS that enable clients to identify the internal “human risk factors” that lead to 60% of all breaches.
  • INFORMATION RISK ASSESSMENTS that enable clients to identify and “value profile” every record type and application used within the company for the purposes of meeting litigation readiness and privacy-breach avoidance obligations.
  • RECORDS MANAGEMENT STANDARDS that provide our clients with all the program documentation, retention rules, process automation and other program components necessary to enforce a legally defensible corporate records program.

We replace error-prone, costly consulting with tightly structured specialty processes that ensure fixed pricing and predictable results. Our projects reach deeper, gather information more accurately, collect more data points and analyze it all better than any viable alternative.

Our deliverables are well defined, objective and comprehensible. We provide unmatched value and insights with our unique leverage of best practices, a proven and powerful service delivery model and experienced staff.

10X Faster. 10X Better. 1/5 the Cost. Unbelievable Impact.

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