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Jordan Lawrence has reimagined how in-house legal counsel address critical information privacy, cybersecurity and records management issues.  With over two decades of experience, industry specific benchmarking and best practices and innovative service delivery technology, we can help any company manage their records and information compliantly, defensibly and cost effectively.

What Jordan Lawrence Does

We help protect your companies legal, reputational and financial interests and save you significant time and money.  We have a service to meet your unique needs.  Our Assessment for Information Risks® provides critical insights into over 100 crucial records compliance and information privacy control gaps, provides industry specific benchmarking and delivers practical recommendations to address crucial vulnerabilities to reduce risk and meet legal and regulatory obligations.  The Records Management Standards service provides everything you need to develop a world-class records management program.  Everything you need including; program documentation, retention rules, a document preservation process, volume correction standards (including email) and ongoing program enforcement using our proven service delivery technology.  Vendor Risk Assessment is a cost-effective vendor diligence service that identifies and mitigates cybersecurity and privacy risks created by third-party vendors that have access to your systems and or data.  Human Risk Factors provides critical insight into the most common cause of data breaches – your employees.  Understanding how employee behaviors create risks is an essential component of the risk assessment process.

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