Vendor Risk Profiling.

The world's only third-party diligence software solution designed specifically to help legal professionals determine which vendors are subject to domestic and international regulations.


Over 40% of data breaches are caused by third parties.  Vendors are an easy pathway to all of your employees’ and customers’ personal data.  Domestic and international data privacy and cybersecurity regulations explicitly require that all  third-parties are risk profiled to assess for vulnerabilities.  This responsibility falls to legal and compliance teams.

Vendor Risk Profiling leverages best practice profiling (directly from domestic and international regulations and laws) with an unmatched delivery model to rapidly and accurately determine which vendors pose data privacy risks. 

  • No limits to global or operational scope, so full due diligence can be achieved, maintained, and defensibly documented. 

  • Any number of third-parties can be profiled in less than 30 days. 

  • Easy hand-off of risky vendors to internal experts. 

  • Defensible and easy-to-manage process to dramatically reduced legal and regulatory risks. 

Unlimited risk profiling for any number of third-party providers, including data processors and law firms.

Fully automated processes include survey reminders and tracking, and requests for clarification.

Unprecedented and invaluable program documentation and reporting.

Preset heatmapping to automatically spotlight vendors that are currently creating serious risks for your company.

Easy escalation of "Vendors of Concern" to internal security experts for further review and resolution.

The only solution designed to identify which third-parties are relevant to data privacy regulations. 

In less than 30 days, your company can accurately profile all your vendors, including all your law firms, in compliance with current legal and regulatory obligations.  Reduce your legal risks with the world’s most effective and defensible solution available.

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