Data Subject Access Request Software.

The most effective way to easily manage and orchestrate the entire subject access request process. 


Deploy a website on which requests can easily be submitted by consumers, employees, prospective employees or contractors. The portal ensures consistent information is gathered at time of request and offers an efficient means for communicating with the data subject should additional information be required. The request process starts with automated verification of the subject’s identity. Data subjects can easily view and track the progress of all requests. 

Our DSAR solution includes easily configurable workflows that automate all tasks and activities associated with the entire DSAR process. Once a request is made via the Portal, appropriate personnel are notified of required actions, such as validating, searching and fulfilling requested information. Dashboards provide visibility into the status of every action, looming or missed deadlines, data collection progress and much more.

Provides authorized personnel the ability to quickly find information stored across your IT infrastructure and review information in place without having to collect it first.  Once requested information is identified, one-click collection capability retrieves them for further action. The system also includes advanced analytics that help you determine data volume and estimate costs associated with each request.

Once all the information has been reviewed, our solution offers the ability to produce them in whatever form is appropriate (eg PDF, Native, TIFF, etc). Automated workflow facilitates communication back to the data subject once the document file is ready.

Data Subject Access Request Software helps client easily manage the entire subject access request process. 

Learn more about how Jordan Lawrence, an Exterrro company, is helping clients save time and money with defensible regulatory compliance software solutions. 

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