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Defensible CCPA compliance requires companies to develop a comprehensive and sustainable data inventory. Who you partner with matters greatly. 


Join us for a 15-minute webcast to preview how you can integrate our renowned Data Inventory Service into your CCPA compliance offering and provide your clients with a more seamless, compelling, and competitive service. 

Within 35 days, your clients can develop a comprehensive and actionable data inventory without disrupting the business or breaking the bank. You will have the data you need to start providing high-value legal work: 

  • Condcut gap analysis/risk assessment

  • Review applicable legal requirements

  • Conduct data impact assessment

  • Develop internal policies and procedures

  • Update privacy notices

  • Develop data access request process

  • Review third parties for data-related obligations

Tuesday, April 23 @ 3:00 PM CST 

Wednesday, April 24 @ 10:00 AM CST

Thursday, April 25 @ 1:00 PM CST


Jordan Lawrence

For over 30 years, Jordan Lawrence has been helping companies manage their information compliantly, defensible, and cost-effectively. We provide the most trusted, cost-effective, efficient solutions for developing and maintaining data inventories, addressing data retention, and conducting third-party data privacy diligence. 

We've been an ACC Alliance Partner for more than 13 years, and were recently appointed their exclusive ACC Alliance Partner for Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Compliance. Top law firms around the world partner with us and leverage our services to provide clients with the most comprehensive legal guidance available. 

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Director of Strategic Alliances

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Robert Fowler, CIPP/US

Director of Professional Services

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Further Reading. 

From state-specific privacy laws to proposals for nation-wide data protection requirements, many companies find themselves lost in the sea of regulations, and more are coming.

As data privacy & cybersecurity regulations continue to amass, the essential first step for compliance with any of these regulations remains the same - you must understand your data. A data inventory is the foundation of defensible compliance with key regulations. Check out our recent newsletter post, where we answer some common questions about data inventories.

We recently published a Defensible Data Inventory brief, which provides an overview of regulatory obligations and the critical elements of a defensible data inventory. Download now to learn more about these regulations and practical steps you can towards sustainable compliance to help insulate your company.