Data Minimization.

The world's most trusted and defensible data retention and disposal software solution for meeting domestic and international ​regulatory obligations.


US and international regulations specifically require that companies ensure their retention standards are up-to-date, enforced, and that all obsolete records containing regulated sensitive data are disposed of promptly. Companies that fail to do so will face severe regulatory or legal consequences.

Data Minimization provides every component necessary to rapidly, appropriately, and defensibly dispose of unnecessary email, paper, and other records and data. 

  • World-class domestic and international retention rules for record types most prone to personal data breaches. 

  • No limits to global or operational reach, so full due-diligence and compliance can be achieved, maintained, and defensibly documented. 

  • Standards and processes will be put in place and active in less than 60 days. 

  • Highly enforceable and maintainable processes. 

  • Dramatically reduced legal and regulatory risks. 

Retention standards are up-to-date (2019) and built on deep regulatory research and our most recent client-deployed programs. 

Automated enforcement communications enable distribution and management for all program notices, reminders, and hold orders.

Compliance-verification responses ensure maximum compliance levels and program defensibility.

Offsite inventory and disposal control can be centralized for all paper records held at any number of vendors.

Full program support and updates help ensure ongoing compliance and eliminate the need for dedicated staffing.

Data Minimization is unsurpassed in effectiveness and defensibility. 

In less than 60 days, your company can deploy a proven and effective data minimization program. Eliminate legacy data appropriately and defensibly, and reduce risk of breach and litigation.

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