Vendor Risks


Traditional methods of third-party diligence require a heavy investment of your most valuable internal resources: time and money.  Spreadsheet-based vendor risk management programs are manually intensive, difficult to manage and don’t provide the insights you need to uncover the risk areas that will lead to data breach.  Jordan Lawrence knows that your vendor’s data breach is your data breach.  That’s why we created the Vendor Risk Assessment.

The Vendor Risk Assessment is the best way to centralize and streamline your third-party diligence process.  VRA combines world-class question sets and powerful, proven technology to conduct accurate risk assessments on any number of your vendors.

Vendor Risk Assessment provides:

  • Customizable question sets to meet your business needs when conducting third-party diligence
  • Heatmapping technology to quickly and accurately identify the critical risks your third-parties pose to your organization
  • Automated communications, allowing you to assess any number of third-parties at any frequency
  • Powerful workflows to make sure the right people are involved internally in the entire diligence process
  • In-system reporting and feedback so you can quickly follow up with third-parties
  • A centralized document repository so you can collect, access and review all documentation relevant to each third-party
  • The audit trail you need to comply with regulatory obligations and build a defensible vendor risk management program

Third-party errors and security lapses lead to 30% of data breaches.  The Vendor Risk Assessment is the best way to uncover those risk areas before they become catastrophic to your organization.