If your company needs to rapidly collect and analyze hard-to-get information so you can tackle tough problems with accuracy and insights, then Records Analytics services are for you. These are short duration (45 days or less) analytics projects that will astound you with their laser-sharp focus, peer benchmarking, and efficiency.

We will rapidly and accurately gather thousands of precise insights about every related aspect of current practices and benchmark them against peer best practice standards. The coverage and insights are truly remarkable.

The deliverables are predicable. The results guaranteed. There are three types of Records Analytics projects available.


Develop customized and defensible schedules based on Jordan Lawrence’s industry best practices and the current usage patterns.

File Plan for SharePoint

A file plan and detailed retention standards for moving electronic records management under the control of the Microsoft SharePoint application.


Develop a centralized and highly-accurate personal data inventory that covers all the sensitive information maintained within your company and with third party providers.

Contact us about all the benefits and deliverables provided through this outstanding service.