Records Management Standards

Information Compliance Standards
Proven Standards for Defensible Deletion and Litigation Readiness

Establishing and enforcing a defensible data retention and deletion program is a legal and regulatory obligation.

GDPR Compliance, cybersecurity, FRCP readiness and e-discovery risks hang in the balance. Corporate reputation, fines, penalties and litigation hinge on how information is identified, retained and disposed of in compliance with international requirements.

We’ve been helping the world’s leading companies develop effective and defensible retention and deletion programs for over 30 years.

Our Information Compliance Standards service includes our renowned retention rules, data minimization workflows and documentation, and program enforcement models that have been decisively proven by over 1,000 global clients.

In less than 60 days, we help you establish a world-class program with all the standards, processes and ongoing controls necessary to meet your obligations and reduce risks.  We provide proven deletion strategies for all media types, including email, unstructured data and paper records, so you can defensibly and systematically delete unnecessary records and information.  You’ll have the documentation necessary to memorialize your data minimization logic and initial cleanup efforts.

Our experienced team supports your entire program from development through ongoing enforcement, so you can be confident your program is up-to-date and meets your obligations.

Our technology platform enables you to ensure ongoing, consistent program enforcement and demonstrate evidence of your controls and diligence.  You’ll consistently dispose of unnecessary records and information, reduce related discovery and data breach risks and be ready when responding to an investigation, litigation or audit.

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More than 1,000 companies have relied on us to implement defensible retention programs. We help you launch a world-class program and dispose of obsolete data in 45 days.


Retention rules only work If you deploy and enforce them. We provide actionable email retention guidelines and deletion strategies for all media types.


Meet your obligations to minimize data using proven, industry-specific retention rules that are tailored to meet your business needs.


Communicate your policies, security guidelines, program reminders, disposal notices and legal holds to the right people with a compliance-verified process.

Trusted by over 1,000 companies for 30 years.


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