Records Management


The volume of information retained by companies has never been greater.  The explosion of email, electronic and paper records has skyrocketed the cost of e-discovery and expanded the risk of data breach.  Under FRCP, companies that demonstrate a defensible records program are provided insulation from the consequences that others face.

Our Records Management Standards Service enables you to launch a world-class and defensible records management program in just a few weeks.  We provide the industry benchmarks, best practices for retention and a suite of web tools required to implement and manage your program consistently.

We’ve developed, standardized and automated everything you need:

  • Proven policy standards, security guidelines and program communications
  • Defensible retention rules based on industry best practices and standards
  • Integrated hold management capabilities
  • Centralized system to manage records in offsite storage
  • Best practice training materials to communicate to employees

It has never been more important for companies to have a defensible records program – to cut risks, reduce costs and meet obligations – but it can be a challenge to get equipped and started.  Jordan Lawrence makes it simple and efficient.