Information Risks


Litigation and other discovery events require enormous investments of time and money to sift through thousands of pages of email, electronic information and paper records.  New privacy laws, like the EU’s GDPR, have made sensitive information datamapping an imperative.  Jordan Lawrence understands the inherent overlap between records management and data privacy.

The Assessment for Information Risks® is a highly-structured engagement leveraged by corporate legal, compliance, security and IT departments to address several critical areas of concern.  In 45 days, we shed light on how information is managed and retained across your organization.  We engage with the business, but have built a process and platform to do so without the disruption or inefficiency associated with traditional consulting.

The Assessment provides:

  • The foundation for a defensible records management program
  • Detailed datamapping of sensitive information
  • Record and information taxonomy based on industry
  • The building blocks for a retention schedule, based on relevant legal and business considerations and best practices that have been approved by in-house legal teams for 30 years
  • Insight required to implement a defensible email policy that will dramatically cut litigation costs
  • Datamaps and reports that serve as a roadmap for information management decisions and compliance considerations

Without the data from the Assessment, corporate executives are left guessing as to how information is managed and where it exists.  Jordan Lawrence provides the knowledge needed to change that.