Human Risk Factors


While many companies focus time, money, and energy on preventing risks through technology, over 30% of data breaches are caused by human error. These breaches are directly related to gaps between management’s expectations and the day-to-day actions of employees.  With a better understanding of these gaps within your organization, most breaches can easily be identified and avoided.

Human Risk Factors is an enterprise assessment service that identifies risks that commonly lead to data breaches. This services produces invaluable insight into your company’s most critical vulnerabilities.

Human Risk Factors provides:

  • Insights into the discrepancies between policies and everyday business practices that lead to data breach
  • Information inventories, so you know where your sensitive information is and how it’s being shared internally and externally
  • Mobile device overviews to uncover risks around how employees access and save corporate information

Human Risk Factors is the most efficient and accurate way to uncover your most critical risk areas so you can avoid disastrous data breach and protect your company’s legal, financial and reputational interests.