Assessment For Information Risks

Assessment for Information Risks
Data Maps & Data Inventories in 45 Days.

We are the experts at developing comprehensive data maps and uncovering information risks without disrupting your business.

The letter and intent of data protection and cybersecurity regulations is to protect personal and sensitive data.  You can’t effectively meet your obligations without accurate and comprehensive data maps that identify internal, electronic, manual and third-party data processing across your organization.


The Assessment for Information Risks is a tightly-structured process that enables you to rapidly and accurately develop comprehensive data maps covering your entire organization in 45 days without disrupting your business. Our web-based technology makes gathering information fast and easy while our questions sets provide insights into current information practices and profile every record type and application used throughout your company.

Trusted by more than 1,000 companies for over 30 years, we leverage proven industry standards, service automation and deep domain knowledge to help you meet your regulatory obligations better and faster than any other viable alternative.  Our proven results are invaluable for identifying and mitigating your company’s most pressing information privacy, litigation readiness and information governance needs.

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 Data Maps

Gain insights into information risks and be ready to take action. Our data maps are comprehensive and tailored to your business covering all the critical data elements.

Executive Level Insights

Keep management informed and on track. Our renowned executive highlights presentation provides a briefing on risks and recommendations for next steps to keep your program moving.

Data Minimization Opportunities

Our data minimization reports identify where records are over-retained compared to best practices. Develop actionable and defensible deletion strategies for email, paper and ESI.

Effective & Defensible

Off-the-shelf programs are insufficient. Manual efforts are expensive and disruptive. Our automation and industry standards make your project fast, accurate and efficient with predictable deliverables.

Trusted by over 1,000 companies for 30 years.


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