About Us

We help legal and IT executives meet their most pressing legal and regulatory obligations.

For more than 30 years, Jordan Lawrence has been helping companies manage their information compliantly and defensibly – in line with the most pressing legal and regulatory requirements companies face today.  We provide legal, compliance, privacy and IT executives with critical insights and defensible compliance solutions to meet their obligations while reducing risks and costs.

Our powerful service delivery technology provides predictability, accuracy and speed. Our industry benchmarks, world-class best practices and standards are relied upon by leading companies.  Our ongoing compliance controls and frameworks are proven defensible in the most vital areas of corporate risk all around the world. 

JOrdan Lawrence is A trusted partner

For over a decade, Jordan Lawrence has served as a prestigious Alliance Partner for the Association of Corporate Counsel, the world’s largest bar association for in-house counsel.  The world’s leading law firms refer their clients to us because they know our work is invaluable for meeting legal and regulatory obligations.  And we are connected with respected organizations that enhance our clients’ compliance objectives.

Trusted by over 1,000 companies for 30 years.