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Jordan Lawrence enables companies around the world to effectively and defensibly meet legal obligations, mitigate risks and reduce the costs of information compliance and control.

Senior executives depend on our specialty services to address critical areas of risk and to stay in compliance with international and domestic regulations:

  • Records Retention Standards and Deployment
  • Data Minimization for Email, ESI and Paper Records
  • Data Inventory Development for Information Privacy and Litigation
  • Human Factors of Cybersecurity Risks
  • Third-Party Diligence for Cybersecurity Risks

With over 30 years of experience, Jordan Lawrence is trusted by in-house counsel, internal corporate compliance and privacy professionals and the law firms that serve them.

Our innovative service delivery model provides project predictability, accuracy and speed.

Our industry benchmarking and world-class best practices are relied upon and proven defensible in the most vital areas of corporate risk.

Jordan Lawrence.  Professional services.  Perfectly delivered.

Vendor Risk Assessment SM

VRA is the best way to centralize and streamline your third-party diligence process. VRA combines world-class question sets and powerful, proven technology to conduct accurate risk assessments on any number of your vendors.

Assessment for Information Risks®

AIR is a highly-structured engagement leveraged by corporate legal, compliance, security and IT departments to address several critical areas of concern. In 45 days, we shed light on how information is managed and retained across your organization, providing the foundation for records, information management and compliance considerations.

Records Management Standards SM

RMS service enables you to launch a world-class and defensible records management program in just a few weeks. We provide the industry benchmarks, best practices for retention and a suite of web tools required to implement and manage your program consistently.

Human Risk Factors SM

HRF is an enterprise assessment service that identifies risks that commonly lead to data breaches. This service produces invaluable insights into your company’s most critical vulnerabilities.